marmot basin Lift Operator

marmot basin
1 Marmot Rd, Jasper, AB
Full-time, Seasonal

Job details

Job type
Reports To: Lift Operations Supervisor/Assistant Supervisor/Foreman

Position Overview

A Lift Operator is part of the Lift Operations Team. He/ She is responsible for the safe operation of Marmot Basin’s aerial and surface lifts, safely loading/ unloading all passengers and greeting and assisting all Marmot Basin patrons at the lifts in a friendly & professional manner and performing Ticket Control duties. Lift Operators are often the first point of contact for guests on the hill being the ‘Face of the Mountain’: It is vital to leave a good impression. They are responsible for completing and recording all daily lift checks and maintaining mazes, ramps and head traps and must be reliable working alone as well as in a team. They must also carry out assigned work such as spare, cleaning, and shovel duties.

The incumbent should expect to be working outside in any, all and sometimes adverse weather conditions.

Lift Operators must also provide their own ski or snowboard equipment.

This is a full-time seasonal role, 5 days out of 7 per week from October through to May each operating season. Please note that you may not receive full-time hours at the beginning/ end of the season and during other slow periods.

Alberta Employment Standards regarding a ninety-day probationary period applies.

A Day in the life of a Lift Operator

You’re waking up in our beautiful small-town Jasper to fresh mountain air while waiting for the staff bus to pick you up and transport you up the mountain to the Lift Operations locker room (a.k.a. the Boot Up Room) where you arrive around 7:45 am. After signing in, putting on your riding gear and uniform you are ready for the day. Your Supervisor/Foreman will assign you to a small team and will determine at which lift station you will start your day. Information about the day will be relayed by your Supervisor/ Foreman, and then you proceed to your lift around 8:15am with a magnificent sunrise backdrop over the Rocky Mountains (lift assignments change daily to maintain variety and provide our Operators with a broad experience throughout the season).

Fresh tracks are guaranteed working as a Lift Operator as you make your way to your assigned lift for the day. If you’re lucky enough, you get to start the day at the top of the lift and get to watch the day begin with incredible mountain sceneries, while preparing your lift station with various tools for ramp work and carry out safety checks for opening.

Before the lifts open, our job provides a ‘free gym membership’ which helps keep you in shape with duties like: shoveling snow, chipping ice and clearing head traps from snow. Other duties before our 9am opening time include routine lift-related safety checks, as well as coming up with a good quote, a funny riddle or a creative picture to draw on your lift whiteboard which is intended to provide our guests with basic weather and lift information.

9am arrives and our lifts open. Now you are greeting guests and keeping an eye on the excited public and your co-workers as they load and unload the lift station. Some other jobs of a Lift Operator include the proper documentation of our daily legal Lift Logs, relaying important information such as Ski Patrol toboggans making their way up the lift, or forwarding messages such as lift/terrain closures to and around one of our other 6 lifts.

Eventually it will be time for your rotation/switching stations on your designated lift or to go on your break. Whether you spend it riding on some of Marmot Basin’s 91 runs or you decide to just spend your break relaxing in one of our designated Staff areas, enjoying a freshly brewed Starbuck’s coffee, this is totally up to you. By the end of the day, you will have worked top and bottom of your lift in rotation, made some new friends and become a little closer with our local guests. At 4pm the lifts have closed, and you are waiting for the last loaded chair to get to the top of your designated lift. Our School House lift is located alongside our parking lot system and stays open for public until 4:30 pm, so our Guests/co-workers can get back to their vehicles. If you finish at the top station of your lift, it means you get to ride down to our locker room with your colleagues to finish the day.

The Lift Ops team meets at the locker room at the end of each day to get ready to take the bus home at 5pm. This is the time to share stories about the day, tell your friends that you finally landed that ‘nose grab 360°’ and plan the rest of the afternoon to experience all there is to do in Jasper including ice skating on one of our surrounding frozen lakes, snowshoeing, dog sledding, hiking our local trails, exploring the frozen natural sculptures of the Maligne Canyon or just sitting around a crackling outdoor fire, surrounded by your friends sharing the view of the illuminated mountain tops, watching the stars, and sometimes seeing the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) dancing through the skies above.


Must be 18 years or older
Provide own riding equipment
Intermediate skiing or snowboarding ability
Pass lift operators exam with 80% or higher
Must possess an enthusiastic and positive attitude
Enjoy interacting with the public
Enjoy working outdoors in the winter


Professional deportment with excellent customer service skills: experience dealing with all on-hill patrons
Cheerful, outgoing personality; demonstrated temperament and disposition for sometimes highly stressful situations
Strong team member able to take direction
Motivated and observant; able to perceive needed tasks and complete them without direction
Self-aware; able to identify strengths and gaps in own abilities and training
Able to use taught skills and previous experience to problem solve


Ski Industry experience (an asset)
Previous experience operating surface lifts and aerial chairlifts (an asset)
Able to ski/ snowboard in all types of mountain terrain in varying conditions at an intermediate or advanced level
Physically fit
Mechanical background (an asset)
Self-motivated and able to work unsupervised

Job duties/ Responsibilities:

Operate aerial and surface lifts
Safely load/unload all passengers
Greet all patrons as they navigate through the lift lines and identify personal needs (i.e. slowing down the lift for beginners/children)
Complete and record all daily lift checks and observations
Complete emergency/accident investigation paperwork as required
Maintaining mazes, ramps and head traps
Carry out assigned duties such as lift rotations, shovel crew and spare work
Perform Ticket Control duties, assist any guests with faulty lift passes
Must pass the Lift Operations Exam with a score of 80% or better
Adherence to the company’s practices and procedures as set in the ‘Lift Operations Training Manual’
All Marmot Basin employees will conduct themselves in compliance with Alberta Occupational Health and Safety legislation as it relates to their job


Respect and adhere to the company’s policies and procedures as set in the ‘Corporate Policies’, ‘Employee Handbook’ and ‘Lift Operations Training Manuals’
Understand and adhere to Ski Marmot Basin’s “Harassment Policy” and the company’s ‘Privacy Policy’

Other details
Pay Type

Employment Indicator

Job Start Date
Monday, October 30, 2023

Job End Date
Tuesday, May 7, 2024