marmot basin Transportation Parking Attendant

marmot basin
1 Marmot Rd, Jasper, AB
Full-time, Seasonal

Job details

Job type
Shift & schedule
Weekends as needed
Reports to: Transportation Supervisor/Assistant Supervisor

Position Overview

The Transportation/Parking Attendant (TPA) works as part of the Transportation team. The TPAs are often the first and last point of contact for resort guests and therefore play a key role in providing an exceptional guest experience. They are primarily responsible for ensuring the smooth and orderly running of the parking lots and the overall flow of traffic. The TPAs will also assist in snow removal, garbage collection, general risk management and upkeep of the lower chalet area and will keep the Transportation Supervisor informed of any issues with regards to the department, damage to company vehicles, and guest concerns.

The incumbent should expect to be working outside in any, all and sometimes adverse weather conditions.

This is a full-time seasonal role, 5 days out of 7 per week from early November through to May each operating season. Please note that you may not receive full-time hours at the beginning/end of the season and during other slow periods.

Alberta Employment Standards regarding probationary periods apply.

A Day in the Life of a Parking Attendant

‘It’s another gorgeous morning in the Canadian Rockies’ you think to yourself as you’re riding the staff bus up the mountain at 7:10am. The sun is rising behind the stunning mountains in Jasper National Park, creating an array of dancing lights as a backdrop to the superimposed mountains. You arrive at the Parking hut, find your locker, and put your gear on. Durable winter apparel is a necessity along with the equipment; be it ski or snowboard, as commuting across the hill is occasionally apart of your daily routine.

The day starts with morning setup; working with your fellow Transportation & Parking staff, you will help set up the Lower Chalet drop-off and bus parking, and ski rack area. Depending on the expected skiers, your main focus of the day may primarily be parking or you might jump straight into the daily upkeep in and around the ski hill.

On busy weekends and holidays, you will work as a team to ensure a smooth and orderly running of the parking lots and the overall flow of traffic. Whether stationed around the Lower Chalet or at one of our parking lots, you are the “Face of Marmot Basin”, having the first interaction with guests. Waving, directing traffic, aiding people to reverse out of a parking spot, or just helping them locate their rental equipment and/or where they can purchase a lift pass is all in a day’s work for a Parking Attendant. Marmot Basin has a unique “Park & Ski” parking lot system, which makes it easy and convenient for our guests to ski to and from their vehicle throughout the day. Once the morning rush of cars has finished, the daily upkeep is divvied up and the rest of the day is sorted. Some days, you may take the early 11am break so that you can get yourself sorted for Town Run, other days, you may take the later noon or 1pm break and get the majority of the daily chores sorted. On these days, time flies by and 2:30pm just rolls around the corner. It is now time to set up the “Jasper Lane” and then start helping direct traffic off the hill.

On lighter days, your primary focus is completing all daily chores; handling daily garbage collection and disposal, daily snow checks, car count, lagoon checks, Town Run which entails transporting material on and off the hill as well as aiding any other departments as needed. You will also work alongside our Snow Removal crew by helping address any unsafe areas, working on any areas you foresee as a potential hazard in the future or working on areas needing some work to help improve upon our guests’ experience. On a weekly basis, you will help with bus washing, dump runs, cardboard runs and on the rare occasion, you may be sent out for the day to transport a truck or a snowmobile to get inspected in Hinton or Edson. Based on the to-do list for the day, you will organize your day accordingly; managing your time to check everything off the list. With this independent lifestyle on quieter days comes flexibility and quality ride breaks; essential work will take priority but other non-urgent jobs can work around a schedule that works for you. For the most part, the work you do will be on your own but that does not mean you do not get to know everyone on the hill. By the end of the season, due to the various work areas and commuting between locations on the hill, through passing you will get to know a lot of people from various departments. If you like flexibility and have great time management skills, Parking Attendant might be the right job for you.

It is 4:30pm and most of the lifts are closed now, it is time to start end of day pack up. Everything that was set up in the morning comes back in so Groomers and Vehicle Maintenance can flatten things out for the following day. Any vehicles that were borrowed throughout the day, you will help return and to close out the day you will do a sweep around the lower chalet; tidying up chairs & tables, picking up any litter and checking for any left behind personal belongings.

Throughout the day you would have returned your gear to bootup, ready to head home. By 5:00pm, everyone has finished another rewarding day at the ski area. Once again, you can take in the breathtaking views of Jasper and the Canadian Rockies as you head down the mountain on the staff buses back to your staff accommodation. From here, time is your own and you can explore Jasper on the local hiking trails, go ice skating on the frozen lakes or take in the flavors of Jasper with our wide variety of cuisines to choose from.

Job Duties/Responsibilities:

Welcome Marmot Basin guests and answer any queries they may have
Ensure parking signs and roadway signs are current and located as required, help drivers park as efficiently as possible
Ensure only vehicles with parking passes are parked in the VIP area
Ensure a smooth and orderly flow of traffic coming up to the ski area and leaving the ski area
Record daily vehicle counts
Report customer concerns or issues to the Transportation Supervisor
Responsible for the daily town run
Assist in emergency situations
Organize snow removal for the lower chalet and the upper chalet
Ensure plaza area at the chalet is clean; remove snow and garbage, sweep and salt
Ensure stairways around the mountain are kept clean and free of snow and ice
Keep a daily log of any snow removal done at the upper and lower chalets
Handle daily garbage collection and disposal
Report all damage or problems with company vehicles to the Transportation Supervisor
Courteous cooperation with other staff members and departments
Assist other departments as required
Follow Alberta Occupational Health and Safety legislation as it relates to the job
Adhere to the company’s practices and procedures as set in the “Transportation Training Manual”.

Respect and adhere to the company’s policies and procedures as set in the “Corporate Policies”, “Employee Handbook” and “Transportation Training Manual”.
Understand and adhere to Ski Marmot Basin’s “Harassment Policy” and the company’s “Privacy Policy”.

Ski industry experience would be an asset
Demonstrated customer service skills; previous customer service experience preferred
Previous cleaning and/or maintenance experience preferred
Experience driving trucks, buses, and vans preferred
Physically fit
Valid class 5 AB driver`s license (minimum) or equivalent; class 4 or 2 an asset with clear driving abstract
Time management skills
Problem solving skills
Able to work independently as well as part of a team.
Core competencies:

Professional deportment with excellent customer service skills: experience dealing with all on-hill patrons.
Cheerful, outgoing personality; demonstrated temperament and disposition for highly stressful situations.
Self-motivated and able to work unsupervised.


Strong team member able to take direction.
Motivated and observant; able to perceive needed tasks and complete them without direction.
Self-aware; able to identify strengths and gaps in own abilities and training.
Able to use taught skills and previous experience to problem solve.
Other details
Pay Type

Employment Indicator

Job Start Date
Monday, November 6, 2023

Job End Date
Sunday, May 5, 2024

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