Marmot BasinSki Patrol Assistant Supervisor

1 Marmot Rd, Jasper, AB
Job details
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Job type
Reports to: Director of Public Safety (DPS)

Position Overview:
The Ski Patrol Supervisor (SPS) and Assistant Ski Patrol Supervisor (ASPS) works as part of the Safety Operations supervisory team and the Safety Operations team. They are responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the on-slope risk management program and ski patrol staff.

The incumbent should expect to be working outside in any, all and sometimes adverse weather conditions.

This position has a compressed schedule/two-week rotating cycle: they work a Ten and a half (10.5) hours per day (operating season) and eight (8) or ten (10) hours per day (non-operating season) depending on operational requirements.
Alberta Employment Standards regarding probationary periods apply.

Job Duties/Responsibilities:
Overseeing the daily operations of the on-slope risk management program.
Lead or assist in emergency situations including: avalanches, first aid, Multiple Casualty Injuries (MCI), rope rescues, lift evacuations, fire, spills, fatalities, animal attacks, explosions, etc., and create teaching and training resources for the above topics
Assist the DPS in managing staff, staff conflict, schedules, payroll, track staff training & certificates, staff performance management
Oversee ski skills evaluations for all new department employees to ensure they meet position requirements
Insure staff adherence to policies, procedures and guidelines
Oversee accident investigations and insure their accuracy and completeness
Assist the DPS in managing and maintaining the safety operations budget
Liaise with Canadian Ski Patrol leaders and personal
Assist the Director of Public Safety in maintaining and presenting the Safety Operations Training Manual, Safety Operations procures/protocols, work hazard assessment and other documents as directed.
Assist in, organize, and prioritize staff training
Instruction of staff regarding on-slope risk management topics including: Hazard identification and marking, Radio communication, Toboggan handling, and other topics as directed
Create teaching resources as well as provide instruction in the risk management of, and response to: Avalanches, First Aid, MCI, Rope Rescue, Chair lift evac, fire, spills, missing people, fatalities, animal attacks, explosions and other topics as directed
Provide on-hill rescue, first aid and triage: attend, treat and transport patient with or without assistance
On-slope risk management: identify and mitigate hazards on hill (run checks, hazard marking)
Act as a Team Member during avalanche control missions, including working as an assistant blaster or blaster
Act as the Operations Section Chief (OPS) during lift evacuations.
Act as Incident command (IC) during avalanche rescue and missing person response
Perform end of day area checks and sweeps
Enforce the “Alpine responsibility code”, slow riding zones, area closures
Identify and address safety concerns pertaining to staff and guests. Ensure supervisor(s) are made aware of residual risks of concern
Operate snow mobiles
Work in a safe and efficient manner as a member of the Safety Operations team
Other duties as assigned by the Director of Public Safety
Report all damage or problems with company vehicles to the Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor
Assist with ordering of departmental supplies (purchasing, receiving).
Respect and adhere to the company’s policies and procedures as set in the “Corporate Policies”, “Employee Handbook” and “Safety Operations Training Manuals”
Understand and adhere to Ski Marmot Basin’s “Harassment Policy” and the company’s “Privacy Policy”.
Exceeds all performance requirements of a grade 3 ski patroller
Minimum of three seasons work in safety operations at Marmot Basin.
Demonstrated strong skiing ability in all mountain and snow conditions in “Advanced/Most difficult” and “Expert/Extreme” terrain
Physically fit and able to ski with heavy loads (25+ kg). Has proven physical ability to perform all ski patroller tasks
80 hour advanced First Aid course or higher
Advanced first aid protocol training
CPR current certification.
Training as an educator, training facilitator or similare
Primary care paramedic or advanced care paramedic (preferred) with Alberta College of Paramedics accreditation
Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA) Industry training Program (ITP) level 1
CAA ITP level 2 (preferred)
CAA ITP Avalanche Search and Rescue course (AvSar)
CAA ITP Basic Weather Course (preferred)
Attended Marmot Basin’s Annual explosives refresher
Selkirk College Ski Hill Risk Management course (preferred, if the candiadate does not have this certificate they should complete it within the first year)
Incident Command System (ICS) 200
Alberta non mining blasting ticket (preferred)
Act as a basic route leader as defined by the avalanche safety plan (preferred)
Strong communication, team leadership, employee relations and conflict resolution skills. Experience in managing, organizing and communicating with staff
Human resources training; Conflict resolutions, team building, WCB, OH&S training and or experience.
Intermediate/Advanced snowmobile operator
Have a Natural Resources Canada Explosive Regulatory Division letter of approval file to handle high powered explosives
Clear Criminal Record and Vulnerable Person Record Check on file with Marmot Basin Human Resources (resubmitted annually)
Completion of basic fall arrest training
For the SPS position, preference for people who worked as the ASPS.
Working at heights training.
Rope rescue training/certification (preferred)
Alberta Class 5 Driver’s license or equivalent.
Drivers abstract on file with Marmot Basin and resubmitted annually.
Performance Requirements:
Successfully complete the Marmot Basin First Aid refresher
Completed the advanced first aid skill training and is able to lead teams in the advanced first aid protocols.
Attended Marmot Basin’s annual explosives refresher
Know and can teach all sweeps (including Eagles Ridge East)
Daily set and advise patrol staff about on hill risk management issues and objectives
Teach and insure staff understand all applicable sections of Marmot Basin’s Safety Operations manual, policies, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and First Aid algorithms
Lead the Accident investigation (AI) team. Ensure accuracy and completeness of AI’s. Turn completed AI’s over to Mountain Operations.
Train staff in the need for and how to complete AI’s
Demonstrate a high level of practical first aid experience; able to apply this experience to many situations and perform and lead patient treatment and extrication in all Marmot Basin terrain & teach these skills to others
Communicate the need to move staff and equipment around the mountain to provided affective area coverage and incident response
Insure readiness of first aid and other emergency response equipment
Teach and assess staff skill with rescue toboggan (10-23) and Akia
Teach and assess staff ability as a basic and intermediate snowmobile operator.
Heightened level of understanding of the Avalanche rescue plan and companion rescue. Act as IC on Avalanche rescue scenario and or real life situation
Train staff in lift evacuation
Act as the ops chief during lift evacuation training scenarios real life situations
Deescalate tense situations, remove ski passes, escort guest from the premises. Assist or lead staff in the same
Schedule patrol staff and insure adequate staffing to meet operational objectives
Review and complete departmental time sheets
Liaise between staff and payroll over any concerns
Insure completeness of employee files
Complete early season, end of probation, mid-season and end of season staff evaluation and reviews. Record the same in digital and hard copy format.
Perform other staff performance management duties and disciplinary actions. Track and record the same
Start and pass on to HR all WCB paperwork
Accurately complete PO’s for ordering and complete them when receiving supplies
Work with other departments in a courteous and cooperative manner.
Read and signed off on Marmot Basin’s Employee Handbook
Read and signed off on the Safety Operations Work Hazard Assessment
Complete all regular currency training and Maintain training checklist(s).
Core Competencies:
Professional deportment with excellent customer service skills: experience dealing with all on-hill patrons
Demonstrated temperament and disposition for highly stressful situations, i.e. administering first aid, triage situations, with guests, and explosives
Able to ski in all types of mountain terrain in varying conditions.
Strong team member able to take direction
Motivated and observant; able to perceive needed tasks and complete them without direction
Self-aware; able to identify strengths and gaps in own abilities and training
Able to use taught skills and previous experience to problem solve
Trustworthy and capable of working unsupervised
Recreational mountain pursuits, such as rock climbing, and ski touring, are considered assets.
Employees in this position are responsible for providing the following tools: Skis, touring bindings, skins, a head lamp, simple sit harness, triple action locking carabiner, three antenna digital transceiver, avalanche probe, avalanche shovel, black ski pants as well as other sundry items. An annual equipment allowance is provided.

For your safety and that of your patients, it is very strongly recommended that safety operations staff preforming patient care have up to date inoculations against; Polio, Hepatitis A/B, Mumps/Rubella, Diphtheria tetanus, Varicella, Measles, Influenza (yearly), & COVID 19.

All employees in this position are required to:
Have completed the Marmot Basin and safety operations ski skill assessment and have a copy on file
Have completed a boot binding test, for all work skis, performed by Marmot Basin rental repair and have it on file.
Have a venerable sector check completed and on file. To be completed yearly
Have a drivers abstract on file with Marmot Basin HR

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