Beckers Chalets Housekeeping associate and Front Desk Agent

Jasper, AB 

Very competitive wages
Staff accommodation
year end bonus, depending on performance
uniform provided
many additional perks
Job Description: 
Ensuring that our guests have a positive and memorable first and last impression (upon check in and check out)
Greet and welcome guests
Answer all phone calls and emails politely and efficiently
Help guests efficiently, politely and effectively
Clean, organize, tidy, and restock the front office area – including behind the desk, the bathrooms, lounge and gift shop area.
Check in and check out guests
Handle cash and payments
Make reservations – for the chalets, restaurant and white water rafting
Answer all guest enquiries – be helpful, efficient, content and friendly
Assist guests with tourist attraction information
1 year customer service experience required
The ability to learn quickly is important and retain lots of information
Basic computer skills is a must
Achievement-motivated to work with Becker's Chalets to meet and surpass set realistic goals
Must be pleasant, friendly and able to address problems or special requests
Self-confidence to take the initiative do what needs to be done
Strong communication and people skills
Good attention to detail
Good Organizational and multi-tasking abilities
Customer service orientation
Polite and well mannered
Honesty & Integrity
Adaptability and Reliability
Part time front desk clerk and part time housekeeping associate to equal a full time position at Beckers Chalets.
Job Type: Full-time
Required experience:
customer service: 1 year

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If you're interested in working in Jasper, it is essential to consider the local job market and explore opportunities that align with your skills and interests. Here are some steps you can take to find work in Jasper:

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Consider acquiring or enhancing skills that are in demand in Jasper's job market. This could improve your competitiveness and help you excel in Jasper's workforce. Remember to tailor your application materials (resume, cover letter) to each job application and follow any specific instructions provided by employers.

Jasper Alberta's Employment Accommodations

Jasper National Park is a stunning and popular national park located in the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, Canada.

Living in Jasper allows residents to enjoy the natural beauty of the park, with easy access to outdoor activities such as hiking, wildlife viewing, and skiing. It is essential to note that living and working in a national park area has unique considerations, including limited development accommodations to preserve the natural environment.

If you are considering employment and living in Jasper National Park, you may want to explore the housing options in Jasper itself or nearby towns like Hinton, which is located just outside the park boundary. Keep in mind that housing availability and costs can vary, so it's advisable to research and plan accordingly. Additionally, employment opportunities may be tied to tourism, hospitality, or other industries related to the Park and its visitors.