Pocahontas Cabins Food & Beverage Server

Food & Beverage Server (Pocahontas Cabins) Start Date May 1st 
Mountain Park Lodges - Jasper, AB 
$10.70 an hour 
POSITION: Food and Beverage Server (Pocahontas Cabins)
Offering Staff Accommodations and benefits
Hourly Rate: $10.70 + gratuities
Start Date: May 1, 2016
If your dream Jasper experience involves living in a quiet, remote area, then Pocahontas Cabins might be the ideal spot for your adventure. Pocahontas Cabins are situated at the base of the Miette Hot Springs Road, thirty minutes from the Jasper town site. It is open year round, but busiest through May-October with the peak periods in July & August. Winter operations are much quieter, with more opportunity to experience the stunning beauty of Jasper National Park. Most staff live on-site in staff accommodations and they are known to develop close relationships, often referred to as the ‘POCO Family’.
A major benefit to working at this location is the opportunity to cross-train in other departments throughout the summer and winter months. The perfect candidate for a position at Pocahontas is mature, has a passion for the outdoors, and is comfortable working and living in a remote mountain environment.
•	Prepare section for meal service
•	Greet and seat guests
•	Maintain a friendly and outgoing attitude at all times
•	Take and serve drink and food orders
•	Describe menu items including daily specials for guests
•	Answer guests’ questions regarding our menu, and make recommendations
•	Present, open, pour and serve wine in appropriate wine glassware; describe and advise on wine selection
•	Discuss and refer guest complaints in an effective manner with Supervisor
•	Record all orders
•	Present check to guests and collect payment
•	Clear and clean tables, trays and chairs
•	Alberta ProServe Certified
•	Grade 12 diploma or equivalent
•	Must be of legal age to mix and serve alcoholic beverages in Alberta
•	3 – 6 months experience preferred
•	Neat and clean in appearance and work habits
•	Pleasing, outgoing personality
•	Knowledge of languages is considered an asset
•	Ability to accept direction
•	Solid understanding of guest service principles
•	Good knowledge of wine, beer and liquor service
•	Ability to work within a team


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