Becker's Chalets Jasper Hotel Front desk and housekeeping

Front desk and housekeeping room attendant
Becker's Chalets
Jasper, AB
$16.50–$19.00 an hour - Seasonal, Full-time, Fixed term contract
Becker's Chalets
Jasper, AB
$16.50–$19.00 an hour
Job details

$16.50–$19.00 an hour
Job type
Fixed term contract
Shift and schedule
8 hour shift
Morning shift
Evening shift
Every Weekend
Day shift
Monday to Friday
Jasper, AB
Pulled from the full job description
Company events
Discounted or free food
On-site parking
Store discount
Wellness program
Full job description
Contract dates: start April 10th, 2024 and finish approx. October 27th, 2024 with potential for extension to permanent year round employment
Location: Jasper, Alberta

About us:

Becker’s Chalets is a family oriented seasonal resort, just 5km south of the hustle and bustle of the Jasper town site. Located along the Athabasca River, with mountainous views and lots of green space – it is a very quiet and relaxing location for both guests and employees alike. As a team, we all work together to ensure that our guests have a very clean, comfortable, and memorable stay. We have been recognized with numerous Employers of Choice awards and Housekeeping awards and have achieved our level 3 in the Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association’s Health and Safety Program.

Job Description:

At the beginning of your employment, we will have a warm and welcoming orientation – going over many aspects of your job, living accommodations, wildlife, and health and safety among a variety of other things! Our goal is to ensure that all team members of Becker’s Chalets have a wonderful and memorable experience!

For this position, part of the week would be in the front desk department and part of the week in the housekeeping department; together this would form a full time position working 6 days with 1 day off per week. Their is potential to become a full time front desk position, based on availability.

Front Desk Job Description:

· As a front desk representative, your shift will fall in between the hours of 7am and 11pm as we are not open 24 hrs/day.

· Most of your shift will comprise of working with one other team member; together you will ensure that the guests you encounter have a positive and memorable first/last impression of Becker’s Chalets and Becker’s Gourmet Restaurant.

· Throughout your day, you will be interacting with our guests either through check in, check out, general enquiries, gift shop purchases, or in passing. As customer service is of utmost importance for this position, this will be done in a very polite, professional, friendly, prompt, and efficient manner.

· You will be required to memorize our reservation codes and know the room description for each code in order to succeed in this role – this should be done prior to training on the computer software (which is based on these codes), to ensure an effective and efficient training process.

· You will become proficient with our reservations software, Visual One, based on the training that you will be provided – basic computer skills are required in order to navigate the computer system (both Visual One and Outlook).

· Front desk tasks include, but are not limited to: answering phone calls/emails, assisting guests, check-in/check-out procedures, make/change/cancel reservations (for the chalets, restaurant and White Water Rafting), handle payments, clean/ disinfect/organize/tidy/vacuum/ and restock the front desk area (including behind the desk, in the bathrooms, lounge area and small gift shop). You will also be responsible for filling out chalet gift certificates, communicating interdepartmentally, and handling any guest feedback (ex. suggestions, compliments, and/or complaints).

· Periodically, your supervisor(s) will check in with your team to see if any assistance is needed, however you will be working under minimal supervision on a daily basis.

· Sometimes, over and above your daily tasks, other spontaneous jobs may be requested/required of you, depending on the help required.

Housekeeping Job Description:

As a housekeeping room attendant, your typical work day and responsibilities will be as follows.

· Your day will begin with a team meeting, preparation of groups and golf cart load up.

· After receiving your daily list, you will head out in groups of 2 and/or 3 to begin cleaning the departures

· Cleaning will consist of dividing the workload of each chalet with your group members to achieve the highest standard of cleaning, based on your provided training, along with confirming no maintenance issues are present and that the chalet is fully inventoried/stocked upon completion.

· Cleaning task within these cabins will include, but are not limited to: full kitchens, full bathrooms, fireplaces, dusting & disinfecting, making beds, restocking supplies, sweeping & sanitizing balconies/patios, along with vacuuming/washing multiple different floor types in different sized chalets.

· After your paid 30-minute lunch break, you will finish the departures, if not already completed, and begin cleaning the stay overs, as per your provided training, to achieve the highest standard of cleanliness.

· Once your daily list is completed to excellent standards, you may be required to assist other groups or to complete additional tasks that are requested in the housekeeping department.

· Upon completion, as a large team, everyone will meet in the housekeeping/laundry room to unload, restock and organize themselves for the following day.

· Periodically throughout your work day, your supervisor(s) will check in with your group to check for issues you may have encountered, to restock necessities and/or to provide feedback on completed chalets

· Throughout your day, you will be interacting with our guests either through requests or in passing. As customer service is of importance to us, this will be done in a polite, friendly, professional, and efficient manner.

· While at work, you must always comply with all health and safety policies/procedures, as outlined during your provided training and orientation

· Sometimes, over and above your daily tasks, other spontaneous jobs may be requested of you, depending on the help required on property at that time.

· Your role could also include stripping dirty linen from rooms upon checkout and/or disinfecting rooms earlier in the day, followed by joining a group and doing housekeeping once stripping duties have been completed.

What we offer:

· Shared Staff accommodations

· Very competitive wages

· Free uniform

· Contract end bonus, based on performance

· Training is provided

· Staff discounts (rooms, restaurant & gift shop)

· Free White Water Rafting

· Monthly staff BBQ's

· Recognition for great work

· Aquatic & Fitness center corporate rates

· Staff bicycles, basketball hoop, and some sports equipment availability

· Free WIFI – intermittently

· Staff Health and Wellness program

· Team building activities

· Lasting friendships and memories to cherish

Job Types: Full-time, Fixed term contract, Seasonal
Contract length: 6.5 months

Salary: $16.50-$19.00 per hour

Expected hours: 38 – 44 per week


Company events
Discounted or free food
On-site parking
Store discount
Wellness program
Flexible Language Requirement:

French not required

8 hour shift
Day shift
Evening shift
Every Weekend
Monday to Friday
Morning shift
Supplemental pay types:

Bonus pay
Overtime pay
Application question(s):

To qualify you must be: A Canadian citizen, have a valid Canadian PR card or already have a valid Canadian work visa! We do not sponsor foreign workers; sorry.

housekeeping: 1 year (preferred)
Customer Service: 1 year (preferred)
Work Location: In person

Expected start date: 2024-04-10

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