Municipality of Jasper Heavy Equipment Operator

Municipality of Jasper
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Position Details
Number of Positions Available
Position Type(s)
Position Duration
Staff Accommodation
Wage Range
$29.82 Hourly
Job Overview
Effectively and safely operate mobile equipment owned and operated by the Municipality, with the exception of grader & hydro-vac;
Maintaining streets and alleys in accordance with the identified priorities and established levels of service required by Council. This will mean extended hours of work following a snow fall event;
Loading and hauling of materials to the appropriate location;
Carrying out specified and routine checks on equipment to determine wear, deterioration or other operating irregularities;
Performing preventive maintenance on equipment as required and assist HEO/Mechanic with mechanical repairs;
Recording appropriate statistics and records as required and maintaining maintenance files on all vehicles and equipment.
Position Requirements
English Fluency Level required for position
Job Requirements 
Valid Class 3 Driver’s License with Airbrakes Endorsement;
WHMIS Certification;
Standard First Aid/CPR
Mechanical experience – for routine repairs & preventative maintenance;
Good Public relations skill with the ability to act as ambassador for the Municipality of Jasper in all dealings with the public, fellow staff and Council;
Ability to lift weights up to 35 kg;
Ability to operate a loader, street sweeper & back hoe (for nonhazardous situations);
Knowledge of the work methods and procedures used in the preventative and corrective maintenance of heavy duty equipment;
Knowledge of safety procedures used in the heavy equipment and mechanical repair industry;
Power line certification, knowledge of Alberta Standards relative to Heavy Equipment Operations and small routine Mechanical repairs, Occupational Health and Safety and safe work practices.
Application Details
How to Apply
Contact Details
How to apply:  Submit a resume and cover letter in PDF format outlining your qualifications, experience and any relevant documentation to the Human Resources Coordinator, Marlyn Fernandez, by email to:

Documents Required
Cover Letter

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