Regional Victims Serving Society Jasper Court & Support Navigator

Western Alberta Regional Victims Serving Society
Jasper, AB Hybrid work
$29.00–$34.66 an hour - Full-time
Western Alberta Regional Victims Serving Society
Jasper, AB Hybrid work
$29.00–$34.66 an hour
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$29.00–$34.66 an hour
Job type
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Weekends as needed
Monday to Friday
On call

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Dental care
Extended health care
Paid time off
Vision care

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About Us

The Western Alberta Regional Victim Serving Society (RVSS) provides a broad range of services under the Victims of Crime and Public Safety Act and Regulation, and in partnership with the Government of Alberta (GoA), the Alberta RCMP, specialized and community-based victim serving organizations, municipalities, and other local agencies.

The RVSS assists victims of crime throughout the criminal justice process by providing the core services of information, support, and referrals. The RVSS also supports communities by providing resources and support to people undergoing loss and tragic circumstances.

Service delivery is responsive to the needs, concerns, and priorities of clients of the program.

Roles and Responsibilities

Reporting to the Assistant Director of Operations, the Court and Support Navigator provides front-line services to victims of crime in cooperation with police agency partners including police-based support, Victims Assistance Program support, court navigation support, case management, education and advocacy. The Court and Support Navigator provides information, referrals, and support to victims under the Victims of Crime and Public Safety Act and Regulation, and the Victims of Crime Protocol.

Court and Support Navigators are an integral part of the front-line services team and work to ensure victims are supported in a timely and effective manner.

Duties of this position include:

Integral member of the front-line services team:

· Work effectively with team members to execute the RVSS’s mission, mandate, and service delivery goals.

· Contribute to team meetings and discussions; provide advice, interpretation, and input into operational policies and procedures.

· Be aware of and comply with all governing legislation, regulations, industry standards, and codes, and organizational policies (e.g., Victims of Crime Protocol and Roles and Responsibilities documents), and procedures of the RVSS and partner agencies (e.g., RCMP, GoA, etc.), as applicable.

· Raise concerns and issues of clients and partners to the Director of Regional Operations; resolve problems by analyzing and advising on policies, procedures, and technology aimed at improving service delivery.

· Provide ongoing mentorship, and guidance to new front-line team members and volunteer advocates.

Provision of Information, Support and Referrals to Victims of Crime:

· Provide immediate emotional and practical support to victims of crime to mitigate trauma.

· Support victims of crime in navigating the criminal justice system.

· Provide information on the rights and responsibilities of victims in the criminal justice system (e.g., court attendance, Restitution, Victim Impact Statements and Community Impact statements).

· Provide referrals to appropriate community and government support services.

· Follow up with clients not involved in the criminal justice system to ensure that they are aware of available supports and services.

Police-Based Support:

· Support RCMP response by helping individuals referred to Victim Services mitigate immediate distress.

· Provide in-person crisis intervention (on-scene, virtually, or at an approved service delivery location).

· Provide ongoing trauma-informed support to victims during the investigative process (e.g., Clare’s Law disclosure).

Victims Assistance Program (VAP) Support:

· Provide information to victims on the Victims Assistance Program including:

o Emergency Assistance and Support;

o Crisis Counselling and Transitional Counselling Services;

o Court Attendance Reimbursement;

o Funeral Expense Reimbursement;

o Serious Injury Supports and Services; and

o Third Option.

· Assist with application process and facilitate referrals to VAP caseworkers.

· Facilitate e-transfer and pre-paid debit card deployment, and complete reporting requirements.

Court Navigation Support:

· Provide navigation support to victims before, during and after court proceedings.

· Provide information to victims on the court process (e.g., court dates, schedule changes and outcomes).

· Work with Crown Prosecutors and other agencies to educate, assist, and support victims during the criminal court process.

· Facilitate court orientation, court accompaniment and related support requests (e.g., testimonial aids).

· Educate victims on the applying for the Restitution and Restitution Recovery Program process, including application requirements.

· Educate victims on Victim Impact Statements and Community Impact Statements and facilitate submission to the courts, if required.

Case Management:

· Conduct needs assessments with assigned caseload of victims, with an emphasis on trauma-informed care.

· Support and record victim safety plans, (as developed by the RCMP), with an awareness of local resources and supports.

· Ensure all interactions with victims are fully and accurately documented.

· Follow-up with victims, as required, to ensure awareness of next steps.

· Maintain adequate and accurate statistical data for ongoing program evaluation.

· Update and maintain victim files in the Case Management System.

Education and Advocacy:

· Engage in community outreach activities to assist the RVSS in building a strong network of partner agencies for full spectrum supports for victims of crime.

o Compile a list of local supporting partner agencies to build referral network (in cooperation with Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Specialist).

o Engage in strategic partnership development and professional relationship building with community stakeholders and support agencies.

· Act as an advocate for victims to major criminal justice partners on behalf of clients, including but not limited to, Crown prosecution services, police agencies, Municipal and Indigenous Victim Services Units, and other community agencies (e.g., cultural protocols, remote testimony etc.).

· Educate and engage partner agencies in the RVSS victim services referral processes.

· Participate in and provide support for events/activities including workshops, general operations or administration, interagency meetings, community awareness activities, etc.

· Pursue continual learning by participating in educational opportunities, such as in-services and training programs (internal and external).

· Maintain functional knowledge of provincial legislation and processes.

· Be helpful, respectful, approachable and team oriented, building strong working relationships and a positive work environment.



Minimum of 2 years of post-secondary education in Health, Human Services, Behavioural Sciences, Social Sciences, Community Services or a related field from a recognized post-secondary institution (degree or diploma).

Minimum of 2 years related client service experience, preferably with individuals who have experience with crisis/trauma.

Must have a balanced combination of educational, life and work experience related to the job description.

Note: Equivalencies of a combination of education and directly related experience may be considered to meet the minimum requirements.


· Understanding of the Criminal Justice System.

· Professional deportment and demeanor.

· Ability to work collaboratively with community-based victim serving organizations, justice system partners, and other stakeholders.

· Must be tolerant, non-judgmental with a high degree of compassion and empathy towards individuals from diverse communities and backgrounds, including those who may have experienced significant trauma (e.g., addictions, abuse etc.).

· Ability to maintain confidentiality while managing private and sensitive client information.

· Highly adaptable and can work effectively under pressure and in stressful situations.

· Knowledge of community resources within Service Delivery Region.

· Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability to handle sensitive issues with tact and diplomacy.

· Strong leadership, conflict resolution and people management skills and the ability to work independently and as part of a team.

· Excellent organizational, time management and prioritization skills.

· Demonstrated ability to achieve results in the context of a respectful, inclusive, and service-minded style.

· Computer literacy, including effective working skills of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook required.

· Ability to speak languages other than English including Alberta Indigenous Languages is an asset.

Additional Requirements

· Enhanced criminal record check for vulnerable sector is required (current and clear, completed within 90 days of hire date).

· RCMP Enhanced Reliability Security Clearance is required.

· Valid class 5 driver’s license (or provincial equivalent).

· This position may be required to work non-traditional work hours including the ability to respond to crisis/trauma incidents evenings/weekends, and/or participate as a staff member/team lead of the on-call crisis response schedule.

· The following training must be completed prior to commencement of duties. Please identify on your application if you have completed any of the following:

o CPR/First Aid Certification

o Mental Health First Aid


o Online Victim Services Training (AVS-101 or equivalent)


$29.00/hour- $34.66/hour


High Level, Alberta

Travel will be required for work location, critical incident response and/or callouts.

This is a frontline position that will provide in-person services at approved service delivery locations. While each Court and Support Navigator will normally have a primary work location at a Victim Services Unit (e.g., RCMP Detachment location), travel to other service delivery locations including those in other communities may be required in order to provide optimal service (based on victim needs, location hours, cover-off for absences etc.). Due to the nature of this role, remote or hybrid work options are not available.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $29.00-$34.66 per hour

Expected hours: 37.5 per week


Dental care
Extended health care
Paid time off
Vision care

Monday to Friday
On call
Work Location: In person

Application deadline: 2024-06-14
Expected start date: 2024-09-02

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